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Wallet allows deposits and withdraws of Monero (XMR). Monero has replaced Bitcoin (BTC) as the cryptocurrency of choice for darknets as it offers higher security, anonimity and untraceability compared to BTC. To make your first deposit you have to generate a wallet address by following the instructions.

You can get XMR by purchasing it off an exchange or using any of the thousands of swapping services/websites for Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency. We highly recommend sending the Monero you acquire to your own Monero wallet rather than the one of an exchange to make use of Moneros protective properties. Please read all instructions carefully and make sure you understand and agree with them.

  1. ALWAYS save the transaction hash and transaction key from your Monero wallet when you are depositing.
  2. ALWAYS verify the deposit address by verifying the PGP signed Monero address (by our AlphaBay Network Key).
  3. Do NOT send more than once to address shown. ONLY ONE DEPOSIT PER ADDRESS. Wait 5-10 minutes and refresh the page, if your coins have been detected you will see it below incoming transactions section.
  4. Wait until your transaction is confirmed and the money have been credited. To deposit again you have to request a new address from this page.
  5. Deposit addresses are ONLY VALID FOR 1 DEPOSIT OR 2 DAYS whichever comes first. After the time expires any coins sent to those addresses will be FOREVER LOST because we will not have any access to what addresses where linked to you previously. Same goes if you deposit twice to the same address, your coins will be lost.
  6. Your address is unlinked from your account as soon as 10 confirmations are completed within Monero network (usually 20-30 minutes). You will then be able to spend the deposited funds in the marketplace.
  7. We highly recommend using your own wallet to deposit funds to ensure quick deposits and add an extra layer of security and unlinkability.
  8. All Monero withdraw fees include the 0.25% fee for your withdraw. Your final withdraw amount is calculated as follows AMOUNT_RECEIVED = REQUESTED_AMOUNT - 0.25%_OF_REQUESTED_AMOUNT.

Your Monero (XMR) address is:


Hash: SHA512

Your Monero (XMR) address for AlphaBay Market

Make sure you are NOT on any phishing links. Our PGP-signed domains you can find by adding /mirrors.txt to the URL you are on. The current message has been PGP-signed with AlphaBay Network official key (fingerprint: 1195 6CE2 F620 B52C D4C3 EDF4 11C4 80C2 5159 1B10). 

It is YOUR responsibility to add all official AlphaBay keys (/pgp_information), verify the authenticity of this message and to ensure you are NOT on a phishing link (/mirrors.txt).

Addresses expire AFTER 2 DAYS. It is entirely YOUR responsibility to send within that timeframe. Failing to do so WILL result in your coins being lost.

Your AlphaBay Monero (XMR) Deposit Address: 4AUE1DqP8dZRErBjm8eWzGUGFJXMbKhm84Z9YCzGWKAu1CjXYsMEPRS9GCYMWEhKTpBDtsuCrTT7NfbHkGu2aaiW5C4ji7t


REMEMBER: Do NOT send more than once address shown. Wait 5 minutes and refresh the page, if your coins have been detected you will see it below incoming transactions section.

Incoming Transactions:

No. You have not sent coins or your coins have not been detected yet, wait 10-30 minutes and check status again.