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You can make money by joining our affiliate program. Referring other users gives you a percentage off the profit we make from each successful transaction through our escrow.

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You will not see the name of referred users for security purposes.

You will only see last 20 entries for security and optimization purposes.

All referrals are added automatically to your wallet balance.

The referral system is designed to encourage and reward loyal users of the website. The percentage of each referral payment is individual and based on the Trust Level of the user you have referred. The more your referred friends are trusted, the bigger of a cut you will get from their purchases. Referral payments are calculated percentage of the commission we earn from a sale.

For example if you have referred user user123 and that user is Trust Level 5 any payment from his/hers purchases will be 25% instead of 15% (Trust Level 1). If that user makes a purchase of $100 and the seller is level 1 then our commission is 4% ($4). From the $4, 25% is yours meaning you get $1 from every $100 sale per this example. The more your referrals use and interact with our marketplace while being good members of it, the higher their Trust Level will go which will earn you bigger loyalty rewards.

TIP: One of the ways to boost your Trust Level is to add a PGP key to your profile and enable 2FA. Rule applies for all users regardless if they are referred or not.

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