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14 gram sacred *magic mushrooms* cubensis

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highadventure (370)
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14 gram sacred *magic mushrooms* cubensis

Carefully Dried to Preserve Potency and Vacuum sealed. If you would like to receive them ground to a powder for convenience please see other listings for availability.

The origin of this sacred mushroom is traced to Mexico where over thousands of years it has been used for spiritual enlightenment and religious ceremony. Natives affectionately call it Gods Flesh. Respect its magic properties and it will teach you about the universe. This particular strain is prized for being equal parts Euphoric to Visual with notable active Psychedelic dose at 1-2grams, Enhanced Psychedelic dose between 2-4grams and Explore the Cosmos dose 4grams+.

If you have never used Magic Mushrooms before then please familiarize yourself with this helpful guide: erowid dot com/plants/mushrooms/mushroomsbasics.shtml

It is always advisable to pick a set and setting you are comfortable with before ingesting and starting your ceremony for favorable results. This goes hand in hand with respecting that which is sacred.

If you would like to help avoid stomach upset or are prone to experiencing nausea when consuming magic mushrooms it is generally attributed to chitin, a carbohydrate contained in the cell walls of the mushroom. Making a tea is great way to extract the psilocybin from the mushroom and discard the chitin. Start by pulverizing or grinding up dry magic mushrooms. Measure dosage and put in coffee filter. The top of filter can be cut to reduce amount of unnecessary paper. Fold and staple top of filter. Place into bottom of coffee mug. Add boiling water over packet. If available add 1-2 tablespoons of lemon juice for taste and to aid extraction. After 10mins gently massage filter packet with a spoon. Do this again after 20mins and last at 30mins. Squeeze and press liquid out of filter packet the best you can. Discard it and enjoy your magic mushroom tea. The extraction process speeds up and reduces the bodies metabolizing time for your trip to 10-25minutes vs. 25-50minutes without extraction. An empty stomach will also speed onset of a trip.

Drinking a small glass of Orange Juice or other Citric Acid containing drink while consuming dried magic mushrooms will help the body digest them easier.

Good Vibes and Safe Travels to You!

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Stealth: 4.85/5
Quality: 4.96/5
Price for Value: 5/5

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Overall Amount Date Ratings Comment & Buyer Trust Level Buyer
Positive 35 – 70 USD October 31, 2022 5 | 5 | 5 after one vendor failed to deliver my shrooms for about a week i went with highadventure to see if he can ship his stuff quickly and he did. awesome product and fast shipping will buy again
Trust Level 1
Positive 35 – 70 USD October 30, 2022 5 | 5 | 5 2DD – shrooms look great and very much intact, so stoked to try!
Trust Level 2
Positive 35 – 70 USD October 12, 2022 4 | 5 | 5 Quick
Trust Level 1
Positive 35 – 70 USD October 12, 2022 5 | 5 | 5 6 DT2D although there was a weekend and a holiday causing delays, so can cant blame vendor. Well packaged and product weighed in a little over. Product looks solid.
Trust Level 2
Positive 35 – 70 USD October 01, 2022 5 | 5 | 5 Fast delivery and great stealth. Really good shit. Will be back for more for sure
Trust Level 2
Positive 35 – 70 USD September 17, 2022 4 | 5 | 5 Snail mail indeed but it arrived no issues, only sampled but so far so good. Another quality purchase from High Adventure!
Trust Level 1
Positive 35 – 70 USD September 15, 2022 5 | 5 | 5 Perfect
Trust Level 2
Positive 35 – 70 USD September 05, 2022 5 | 5 | 5 wonderful, great for price too
Trust Level 1
Positive 35 – 70 USD August 30, 2022 5 | 5 | 5 good shipping
Trust Level 2
Positive 35 – 70 USD August 30, 2022 5 | 5 | 5 Looks good. Good packaging. Gonna try them out this weekend!
Trust Level 1
Positive 35 – 70 USD August 27, 2022 5 | 5 | 5 Amazing product and fast delivery
Trust Level 2
Positive 35 – 70 USD August 26, 2022 5 | 5 | 5 Haven't scaled or taken any. I trust and bought from vendor multiple times. GOAT
Trust Level 2
Positive 35 – 70 USD August 20, 2022 5 | 5 | 5 Awesome all around, Quick shipping, And nice looking product, caps and stems look amazing.
Trust Level 2
Positive 20 – 35 USD August 08, 2022 5 | 5 | 5 Zero problems
Trust Level 2
Positive 20 – 35 USD August 06, 2022 4 | 5 | 5 Arrived 5 days after order was placed. Mass of product is not less than what i paid for, so I'm glad about that. Haven't tried yet, but they seem to look nice. I highly recommend this vendor.
Trust Level 2
Positive 20 – 35 USD August 01, 2022 5 | 5 | 5 early finalize im sure it pretty good
Trust Level 1
Positive 20 – 35 USD July 27, 2022 5 | 5 | 5 as decribed. good quality and fast shipping.
Trust Level 2
Positive 20 – 35 USD July 26, 2022 5 | 5 | 5 great!
Trust Level 1
Positive 20 – 35 USD July 20, 2022 5 | 4 | 5 Great price and look good. Shipping was just as advertised. Overall a great buying experience.
Trust Level 1
Positive 35 – 70 USD July 07, 2022 5 | 5 | 5 Quick shipping, solid product, unbeatable price.
Trust Level 1
Positive 20 – 35 USD June 29, 2022 5 | 5 | 5 Shipping was a bit delayed but vendor had good communication. Pleased with transaction and product.
Trust Level 2
Positive 20 – 35 USD June 21, 2022 4 | 5 | 5 Tor2door in 6 days, (ordered on a Saturday) utilizing priority shipping. Stealth was unremarkable. Haven't tried them yet, but the product looks good
Trust Level 1
Positive 20 – 35 USD May 27, 2022 5 | 5 | 5 I got dried instead of powdered but they delivered on a timely manner!
Trust Level 1
Positive 20 – 35 USD May 24, 2022 5 | 5 | 5 Mushrooms came on time, as the right weight, and in an inconspicuous package. Absolutely fantastic value for the price, will definitely be buying from this vendor again.
Trust Level 1
Positive 20 – 35 USD May 23, 2022 5 | 5 | 5 Fast Shipping, Product Exactly as Described
Trust Level 1

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