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Alpazolam/Xanax 1mg (Galenika Ksalol)

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wispa (1764)
Trust Level 4 Vendor Level 6
Sold 44 times since September, 27 2022

Features Features
Product Type Physical Origin Country United Kingdom
Quantity Left 9939

Ships to Worldwide
Payment Escrow Category Pills Benzos

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Purchase Price: 3.23 USD
0.02168994 XMR

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Alpazolam/Xanax 1mg (Galenika Ksalol)

Alpazolam/Xanax 1mg (Galenika Ksalol) Listing

Total Ratings for this Listing (1 – very bad, 5 excellent)

Stealth: 5/5
Quality: 5/5
Price for Value: 5/5

Note: “Ratings” table has the following ratings in consecutive order Stealth, Quality, Price for Value. Each rating is from 5 possible, where 1 is very bad and 5 is excellent.

Overall Amount Date Ratings Comment & Buyer Trust Level Buyer
Positive 10 – 20 USD November 01, 2022 5 | 5 | 5 Didn't arrive at first but great communication from seller and reshipped. Super stealth and high quality product in packaging
Trust Level 1
Positive 35 – 70 USD November 01, 2022 5 | 5 | 5 Absolutely brilliant all round. Stealth is superb. Will definitely use this vendor again! A++
Trust Level 2
Trust Level 2
Positive 10 – 20 USD October 26, 2022 5 | 5 | 5 Fast shipping great product
Trust Level 2
Positive 35 – 70 USD October 24, 2022 5 | 5 | 5 Arrived super fast i think under 3 days and the product seems to be of good quality, thank you for your service!
Trust Level 1
Positive 20 – 35 USD October 24, 2022 5 | 5 | 5 Fast delivery sorry for late release appreciate it
Trust Level 2
Positive 20 – 35 USD October 24, 2022 5 | 5 | 5 SUPER QUICK DELIVERY, ALL ROUND BRILLIANT.THANKS
Trust Level 2
Positive 10 – 20 USD October 22, 2022 5 | 5 | 5 perfect order again, fast NDD excluding strike days, good stealth, overall great vendor thanks
Trust Level 2
Positive 10 – 20 USD October 22, 2022 5 | 5 | 5 quick service and top stealth, thanks
Trust Level 2
Positive 20 – 35 USD October 15, 2022 5 | 5 | 5 Perfect.Will be back.
Trust Level 2
Positive 10 – 20 USD October 15, 2022 5 | 5 | 5 apologies for late finalise its been a nightmare getting on markets these days. good product and prompt deliver, wispa has always been a go to vendor
Trust Level 1
Positive 20 – 35 USD October 15, 2022 5 | 5 | 5 4DD -RM strike. I'm trust lvl1 so i get how this works. Product arrived, seems legit although there are better 1mg indian genericsout there, Excellent stealth. Great service over all and I would totally use again
Trust Level 2
Positive 10 – 20 USD October 14, 2022 5 | 5 | 5 Pretty much NDD, stealth was some of the best I've seen, will be using again!
Trust Level 2
Positive 70 – 150 USD October 14, 2022 5 | 5 | 5 the stealth, wow, looks like it came from a legit company, great legit pills also. post came today i thought damn my pills havent arrived its an ebay order, opened it up and there they were! best on the market for blister packs
Trust Level 2
Positive 250 – 400 USD October 12, 2022 5 | 5 | 5 Excellent service, thanks guys
Trust Level 2
Positive 35 – 70 USD October 12, 2022 5 | 5 | 5 As described, received in time 🙂
Trust Level 2
Positive 10 – 20 USD October 12, 2022 5 | 5 | 5 Sorry for late finalize – market issues. Will be back.
Trust Level 2
Positive 20 – 35 USD October 10, 2022 5 | 5 | 5 all good
Trust Level 2
Positive 20 – 35 USD October 08, 2022 5 | 5 | 5 Ndd. Best stealth on AB. Legit blister packs. Used Wisp for a while, 5 star vendor all day.
Trust Level 2
Positive 20 – 35 USD October 06, 2022 5 | 5 | 5 NDD, great stealth
Trust Level 2

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About Vendor wispa

05/10 Update: 
Seeing some delays with packages from 03/10 with our collections and local sorting centre. This will be a knock on effect from CWU RM Strikes that were held over 30/9-01/10 resulted in backlogs in most mailcentres nationwide for deliveries. 

28/09 Update: 
Once again a strike has been issued on Friday & Saturday.
Royal Mail will not be operating hence we have decided to halt operation.
We will resume back on Monday as usual.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Please cancel your orders or I will process these for shipping over the weekend to prevent time outs. 

26/09 Update:
Ninja Stealth Listings are live, Buyers please read carefully the terms and routes used. once you are happy, converse with me to book in your shipments!

16/09 Update: 
Here is our latest Wedinos results. We are expecting a restock of more presses within the next 10days, keep your eyes peeled. Test results will also be live on DN Test Results channel also in the next few days. 

Colombian Cocaine - W028032
Ketamine Shard - W028033
Ketamine Rock - W028034
DonkeyKong 250mg - W028035
Panama Owl 265mg - W028036 
Netflix 250mg - W028037 
Nasa Rocket 22mg - W028038

13/09 Update :
Wispa is delighted to announce 1st class mail will henceforth be send via track24.
Track24 presents us to improve our service by reducing delivery time as well as allowing our customers to track their orders.
Track24 has better reliability than standard 1st class mail but do note these are not guaranteed NDD but 90% of our test mails have indeed arrived Next Day from posting.

We have raised minimum order amount for Special deliveries to 350 GBP.
Special deliveries are guaranteed NDD.

Rest of the shipping options remain unchanged.

We remain committed to serving you better by the day.
Thank you for trusting us!

05/09 Update: 
We will not be shipping anymore orders until royalmail has normalised. we updated our profile notifying customers of delays but that seems to be disregarded. we will assess the situation next week. 

24/08 Update :
The Communication Workers Union have called on postal workers in UK to take strike action from 26th and 31st of August. What this means is delivery times for all mails will be impacted.
29th of August is a bank holiday.

Wispa will be suspending shipping operations during the effected days as we cannot confirm Wispa will be able to deliver your orders to you in a time period, Wispa is known for, that can keep a customer satisfied; helping us upkeep our reputation and feedback.

Orders will not be accepted or marked as shipped. 
Our dedicated customer support will be available to assist you with your enquiries and concerns.



What could possibly be better than a Wispa?

We've been part of the UK drug industry and party scene for many years now. Markets come and go, vendors come and go, but we wanted to provide you all with a trusted brand to shop with for hopefully many more years to come. Wispa is here to stay!

We are a team of old school moral and principle, aiming to bring back the high quality service and standards back from the good old days. The kind of service that we all deserve. If you have been familiar in the past with the likes of Silk Road 1.0,   Alphabay and Hansa markets, you may have noticed the level of service and quality of products has decreased significantly.. we are here to change that. While the brand may be relatively new, rest assured that we are certainly not new to the industry.

We stock the finest range of high quality products at a competitive price, with the consumer firmly in mind. Please continue reading our full bio for information, and be sure to keep up to date with our page and listings for incoming offers and new products being added!

If you'd like to find us elsewhere, please check the following...


ASAP - WISPA (not in use)







Here at Wispa, we pride ourselves on an unbeatable 5 star quality service and delivery to match. If there is a delay with delivery of your order, or your order hasn't arrived, please feel free to contact us as per the below terms...

UK 1ST CLASS - Please wait up to 7 working days before contacting. Unrecorded mail in particular can sometimes be delayed, due to the ongoing internal issues at Royal Mail and especially during holiday periods.

EUROPEAN 1ST CLASS - Please wait up to 10 working days before contacting, to take into account any potential delays with either the UK or the destination postal system.

INTERNATIONAL 1ST CLASS - Please wait up to 15 working days before contacting, again to take into account any potential delays with the postal systems.

UK SPECIAL DELIVERY - Orders placed using these delivery methods will insure your pack for 100% reship in the very rare case of a pack going missing.

INTERNATIONAL TRACKED - Orders placed using this delivery method will insure your pack for 25% reship. Regular customers could receive between 50-100% reship at Wispa's discretion.

RESHIP EXEMPTIONS - The following destinations are exempt from refunds or reships, unless otherwise stated on the listing:



RETURNED TO SENDER - If you have provided incorrect delivery details, such as a false name, incorrect postal code or house number, you will not be eligible for reship or refund. Likewise, if your drop address is in receipt of and shows delivered on tracking for your pack but decides to keep for themselves, you will not be eligible for reship or refund.

SHIPPING - When your order is marked as shipped, it has been shipped. If not marked otherwise, please avoid contacting us to ask. This will create an unnecessary backlog of messages, preventing us from replying to all customers as promptly as we always aim to.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any issues, we are always more than happy to help.

Thank you for choosing to shop with Wispa, and hope to see you again soon!

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While we take into consideration claims of purity, chemicals used and other things like e.g. carts being counterfeit or not, the main focus is correct labelling particularly for fentanyl and analogues. As such that is the biggest potential hazard to buyers safety and as a marketplace we strongly believe all vendors must clearly label if their products contain any of it.

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Listing Title: MDMA Champagne UK/EU/WW
Reagent Test Rating (0 means not available or poor, refer to other stats): 5/5
Laboratory Reference (if available): W026056
Product/Service Safety: 5.00/5
Product/Service as Advertised: 5.00/5
Delivery Speed: 5.00/5
Overall Experience: 5.00/5

Comments: Product quantity received as advertised. Reagent testing displayed that product contains MDMA of potentially high potency and quantity due to fast response to reagents. Outstanding stealth employed by the vendor, which should be highly praised.