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60 grams of solid NaGHB

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jockoflocko (71)
Trust Level 2 Vendor Level 4
Sold 49 times since September, 25 2022

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Product Type Physical Origin Country United States
Quantity Left 32

Ships to United States
Payment Escrow Category GHB

To-From pcs To-From Price Discount
2 – 3 400 – 600 USD -9.25%
4 – 5 800 – 1000 USD -12.00%
6 – 6 1200 – 1200 USD -14.00%

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Purchase Price: 200.00 USD
1.33206649 XMR

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60 grams of solid NaGHB

This is the real deal.  The OG stuff that is impossible to get.  Offering 60g molds from 1 to 5 pieces (360g max).   5 molds max per package at the current moment. Quantity is very limited. 

60g will make 4 Ounces of 1g:2ml ratio of perfect NaGHB.  

Please see my profile for conversion instructions.

1,4 Bute is being offered as well very soon.  Please see my other listings. 

Ships domestic USA only!!

Total Ratings for this Listing (1 – very bad, 5 excellent)

Stealth: 5/5
Quality: 4.97/5
Price for Value: 4.9/5

Note: “Ratings” table has the following ratings in consecutive order Stealth, Quality, Price for Value. Each rating is from 5 possible, where 1 is very bad and 5 is excellent.

Overall Amount Date Ratings Comment & Buyer Trust Level Buyer
Positive 150 – 250 USD October 09, 2022 5 | 4 | 4 Product was sent out quickly and with good stealth. I followed the vendors instructions for mixing it into a liquid, everything dissolved perfectly and looks good. I didn't test it, but it looks and tastes like GHB. That said, it felt a little weak to me. Honestly, I think you could probably dissolve the powder into less distilled water than what the vendor recommends.
Trust Level 1
Positive 700 – 1000 USD October 09, 2022 5 | 5 | 5 10/10
Trust Level 3
Positive 150 – 250 USD October 08, 2022 5 | 5 | 5 4d T2D. Detailed instructions about solution creation.
Trust Level 2
Positive 150 – 250 USD October 03, 2022 5 | 5 | 5 Arrived in 3 days. Haven't tried yet but seems legit
Trust Level 2
Positive 150 – 250 USD October 02, 2022 5 | 5 | 5 I took the risk of making the first order, but Recon checked out, so I wasn't too concerned. Shipping was fast, and stealth was professional.Product is legit, salty taste without the chemical flavor of the other chemicals being sold as G.The price may be steep, but you can't really argue with the law of supply and demand. I'm sure I'll be ordering more, and for anyone seeking real G, I highly recommend giving jocko a shot.
Trust Level 2

Refund Policy

If the package is returned to sender or lost due to my error, I will reship for free.

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About Vendor jockoflocko



On the BDO dosing, the ribbed adapter is meant to stay in the bottle (short term).  Simple push the adapter into the bottle until it is seated firmly.  The 1oz bottle adaper is smaller than the 2oz and 4oz adapter. Push the syringe firmly into the bottle, tip upside down, and pull out your required dosage, then tip the bottle back while holding the syringe plunger firm to break the suction.  Doing it like this will prevent nearly all mess and spillage.  I have personally noticed that even the sryinge markings have not faded as the BDO doesn't leak at all.  The included flip top cap is included just in case.  A 5ml syringe is included by default, please specify if you would like a 3ml syringe instead (or both!).  A 3ml syringe might make it easier to keep track of your dosage versus the larger 5ml.  The new setup works great, has zero mess, and allows one to keep your dosage accurate.  Please inquire with any other questions and I will be happy to help if possible.

I'm here to sell NaGHB and 1,4 Bute BDO.  For NaGHB, I carry only solid molds, with each weighing approximately 60 grams.   Each will make a perfect 4 ounces of 2ml / 1g ratio GHB.   GHB is very limited so please be aware.

I've added mixing instructions below to convert to liquid for each mold.  It is quite a simple process, but there are tricks to it. The simple write-up below should answer most if not all questions.

I will have listings from 60g on up to 360g.

For conversion, take the mold and insert into a ziploc bag.  Smash it into smaller pieces the best you can.  . Then put the broken pieces into a glass pyrex measuring cup and fill it to 4 ounces with distilled or RO water.   Do not just dump 4 ounces of water or you will have a  weak product in the end.   Put the measuring cup into the microwave for 2 mins 30 seconds.  Once done, break up any remaining pieces with a fork.  Then microwave one more time for 30 to 60 seconds, and again break up any chunks left.  Let it sit and cool off.  You can put it into the fridge to speed it up.  It could take an hour or more to cool off.  Once its cool to the touch, then top off the water level to 4 ounces as some will have evaporated off.

I suggest then adding the entire mix to a cleaned out 4 ounce (or larger) saline eye solution bottle.  You can add food dye at this point so that no one else will accidentally use it.  I dose with a childrens liquid medicine spoon from the saline bottle.  The is a tried and true setup.  You cannot go wrong with this.

For dosing, I suggest 3ml (1.5g) for females and 5-6ml (2.5-3g) for males.  Do not eat for two hours before injesting.   Also, I've found xanax will weaken your euphoria from the product.  So if you can skip a dose of your benzo, you will get more out of the ghb.  Do not dose before an hour has passed since your last dose.  Either write the time down or set a reminder on your phone.  Time can pass slow an you think an hour has passed and it has not.  I suggest not drinking any alcohol with this product, too much an it can make you sick.  Even veterans with this stuff, I've seen them get sick an have a bad time with alcohol and too much ghb.  For new users, start off on a light dosage.  It
can take some trial and error to get the dosage right.  Give it time and don't rush.  Getting someone sick (puking) off of a too high a dose, and it ruins the idea of GHB for them for a long time.  Better to start off slow and work up doses after an hour.  If they take too much, have them drink some orange juice and eat some crackers.  That should help nausea pass.  I've found that ginger ale helps make the ghb taste a little better.  It is quite salty and there is no hiding that.  Do NOT allow someone to take this without them knowing what it is. I find that most people are open minded, and i'd rather tell them what it is and how it was once sold in GNC and grocery stores as a sleep aid before the world went to Hell.  This is a fun product, and used responsibily it can allow for alot of fun.  Just don't take too much and don't add a bunch of alcohol to the mix.

Every package will go out via Priority Mail. There is no Express available. If you have not received your item after one week, please send a PM and we will look at tracking. There is no shipping on Sat / Sun. Every order will go out within 48 hours (except when placed on weekends).  If you are in a hurry, please include a note within your order, and I will do my best to accomdate you.  If tracking shows 'Return to Sender' due to a faulty address, then a reship will need to be a new order.

Please format your shipping info as below:

John Doe
123 Main Street
New York, NY 12345

Please release escrow when item is recieved.  If there are order issues upon recieving, then send a PM and we will get things resolved.  

If you let an order auto-finalize and its been delivered beforehand, please expect your next order to be cancelled. Please do not make a vendor wait for payment once you have item in hand. 


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