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***3.5g of sociable Cocaine***

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powerpowder (265)
Trust Level 2 Vendor Level 4
Sold 43 times since May, 22 2022

Features Features
Product Type Physical Origin Country United Kingdom
Quantity Left Unlimited

Ships to Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Europe, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden
Payment Escrow Category Cocaine

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Purchase Price: 99.91 USD
0.67091082 XMR

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***3.5g of sociable Cocaine***

***Power Powders Sociable Cocaine***

Power Powders Sociable Cocaine orginates simply from the highest quality pure columbian cocaine available.... 

Our Cocaine is sourced from the orgins and is at least 90% pure with a strong petrol scent.

This is then mixed with great love and care using pharmaceutical grade Benzocaine and litterally nothing else....

Our Sociable Cocaine remains light and fluffy which provides our clients with a nice level headed euphoria which still allows you to engage in conversations and entertain guests/friends.

Power Powder prides ourselves on our ability to supply at least 95% of our clients Sociable Cocaine in rock form which we know first hand our clients prefer and is great for clients who purchase larger quanties for further resale.

Power Powder is your one stop shop for the ultimate POWER POWDER

Total Ratings for this Listing (1 – very bad, 5 excellent)

Stealth: 4.94/5
Quality: 5/5
Price for Value: 5/5

Note: “Ratings” table has the following ratings in consecutive order Stealth, Quality, Price for Value. Each rating is from 5 possible, where 1 is very bad and 5 is excellent.

Overall Amount Date Ratings Comment & Buyer Trust Level Buyer
Positive 70 – 150 USD November 01, 2022 4 | 5 | 5 Thank you guys! Product seems good. Take care.
Trust Level 2
Positive 70 – 150 USD October 20, 2022 5 | 5 | 5 NDD2. Gear always spot on! Reliablity and Service is great.
Trust Level 2
Positive 70 – 150 USD October 20, 2022 5 | 5 | 5 Quick, good, nice quality and support. Perfection
Trust Level 1
Positive 70 – 150 USD October 18, 2022 5 | 5 | 5 Nice stuff for a great price, thanks Vendor!
Trust Level 1
Positive 70 – 150 USD October 06, 2022 5 | 5 | 5 2DD, yet to try.Thanks
Trust Level 2
Positive 70 – 150 USD October 05, 2022 5 | 5 | 5 NDD Top quality stuff great price cheers mate. will order again
Trust Level 2
Positive 70 – 150 USD October 04, 2022 5 | 5 | 5 2DD, very happy with price and quality
Trust Level 2
Positive 70 – 150 USD September 28, 2022 5 | 5 | 5 nice stuff for the price. cheers. will be back
Trust Level 2
Positive 70 – 150 USD September 23, 2022 5 | 5 | 5 order came in 2 days, decent stealth decent product
Trust Level 2
Positive 70 – 150 USD September 22, 2022 5 | 5 | 5 very good cokesorry for autofinalise was on holiday and couldnt do it manually
Trust Level 1
Positive 70 – 150 USD September 17, 2022 5 | 5 | 5 Ndd delivery and came in rock form.Not tried yet but for the price i would say you cant go wrong.i am old school and prefer the purist of gear but the friends cant handle it when its 80-90% so this is ideal for them and could be a good money maker.
Trust Level 2
Neutral 70 – 150 USD August 20, 2022 5 | 5 | 5 Got a Q nice and easy but ordered 3.5 week later ever arrived still waiting on 50% refund was hoping to continue business but would need signed for or special even better Vendor has been in contact straight away and has been absolutely spot on so not sure what happened must just be unlucky
Trust Level 1
Vendor Reply: Thanks for your feedback,Please explain the full story before you ordered the Q… You placed an order that apperently never arrived twice, we then gave you your money back in full…. You must understand we are more than fair but not complete fools mate…ppP.S We have started tracked delivery to combat the apperent no shows…
Positive 70 – 150 USD August 05, 2022 5 | 5 | 5 2dd fire coke as always, nothing but respect for this vendor.
Trust Level 2
Positive 70 – 150 USD July 28, 2022 5 | 5 | 5 arrived quickly
Trust Level 1
Positive 70 – 150 USD June 17, 2022 5 | 5 | 5 Stealth delivery.
Trust Level 2
Positive 70 – 150 USD June 07, 2022 5 | 5 | 5 NDD – Will be back.
Trust Level 2
Positive 70 – 150 USD May 31, 2022 5 | 5 | 5 Top notch in every way delivery time comunication And qaulity to price is best i ever had on any of markets or vendors
Trust Level 2

Refund Policy

Disputes will be listened to on a case by case basis, we are a more than fair group who just want to do straight business..


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About Vendor powerpowder

***Update from Team Power 23.09***

Hi all, we have paused the Zopis for a couple of days (we have simply run out and are restocking Monday). We will have them back online for sale ASAP and will also have options on bulk purchases with option on 5 boxes and 10 boxes with some good discounts.... This will be the same on the Diazepams.... bulk deals...

Vapes..... Guys if you smoke the vapes these must really be tried... super pototent, super clean..... and they really are 90% thc.... you wont find anything cleaner...

Friday 23/09  orders will be shipped slightly later than usual and there for wont be market as shipped until tonight....

Have a good weekend 


***Update from team power 07.09***

Hi all, Just launched our Delta 9 cannabis vapes... Neighbourhood gardens....direct from Cali, the brand is exclusive to us and you wont find it anywhere else... please read more about these products on our products page......

1-10 40gbp
10-50 35gbp
50-100 30gbp

Secondly.... The RM strikes !!! causing backlogs on deliveries.... Some orders have taken 5 working days to arrive. We are up to date and all orders dispatched on time...please just be patient, your parcels will arrive.....

Thirdly.. we have decided to send any order from 14g and above via tracked delivery service... we want to provide a more streamline service for our clients.... This will also apply to any order of 4 or more vapes... please PM us for more info...



***Update from Team Power 21/05/22***

We have moved to Alphabay Market from Versus.... We completed 703 sales on Versus in just over 4 months, we are offereing the same servive and quality products as we were on Versus...your in safe hands....

Feel free to message us if you have a question...


***About Power Powder***

Power Powder is a new set up, we have previously operated as a well established cocaine selling vendor on Empire, Nightmare, White House and Icarus but under a different vendor name. Due to unforseen circumstances we had to take a little break but we are now back. 

Power Powder are a team of dedicated reliable professionals who are here to provide a first class service to you all.

We know what our client's have come to expect from top class vendors, and we deliver it all. 

*Products that are actually as described on the shops product list.
*Efficient, on weight and well packaged parcels, delivered on time.
*Polite and responsive communications regardless of the message demeanor.
*Most of all trustworthy and honest people to do business with.

Please don't be fooled by the lack of initial sales or feedback... 
We know what we are doing in the cocaine industry and we won't let you down....

We take great pride in what we do and our ultimate goal is to provide you with the best, most affordable Cocaine along with excellent unrivelled customer service, hence why once you have worked with us we don't think you will go elsewhere for your Cocaine......

***Power Powder Products***

Power Powder specialise in the Cocaine field.

We offer both the high grade oily petrol aroma Columbian flake (90%+ everytime) and socialable Cocaine. 

Our best selling Sociable Cocaine is designed for the clients who want that extra feel good buzz to dance the night away but without feeling the jitters or the intense euphoria you get from the columbian flake.

Our Columbian flake speaks for itself, it is 90%+ pure Columbian flake with the petrol aroma that is desired. 

Our Sociable Cocaine is the Columbian flake mixed with only pharmaceutical Benzocaine, supplying you with a purity of approximately 65%. 

Both our Columbian flake and Sociable Cocaine is shipped out in rock form, there are no excuses with us such as "the postman crushed it blah blah," 
We supply 95% of a parcel in rock form no bulls**t with us. 

Alot of our client's particularly purchase our Sociable Cocaine for resale therefore it is important to us to deliver a solid rock form to our clients for onward sale.

(More information on our Sociable Cocaine and Columbian pearl flake can be found on our products page)

*** How Power Powder Works***

*** Opening Hours***

At Power Powder we work 5 days a week, Monday - Friday from 09.00 - 15.00 hours.

In addition to this our communications team will be available on saturday mornings to ensure urgent weekend queries are addressed. 

During our working hours our communications team will be on hand to accept all orders and most importantly answer all meassages and queries that have been sent within the previous 24 hours.
Our packaging and dispatch team will be hard at work ensuring all your orders are on the way to you. 

All orders that are placed before 15.00 hours Monday - Friday will be recieved by us the same day and processed. These orders will be marked as shipped and be sent out on the way to you the same day. 

All orders placed after 15.00 hours will be processed and shipped to you the next working day.   

We are not into the bulls**t, if it hasnt been shipped etc it wont be marked as shipped and if it is marked as shipped you can rest assure it is on it's way to you. 

***Your Order***

When placing your order, please use our pgp and encrypt your name and address.
We believe it is safer to use your correct name when providing your name and address as opposed to a made up name. 
Please use the template below as a guide

Name:                Mr/Mrs/Miss  Power Powder
Address:             99 powerpowders Road
Address2:            powerpowderville
Address3:            powerpowdershire
Post code:           P033 3RS
Country:             UK

Always double check your address is correct before sending it to us, should any mistakes be made please message us as soon as possible so we are able to rectify the address before your package is dispatched.

***Packaging and Shipping***

We take stealth, your safety and our safety very seriously.
All our products are placed in clip bags and then vaccum sealed before going into various size bubble envelopes. All envelopes are addressed with a typed printed label and look the part! 

Larger orders will be catered for and will be packaged with various objects as a decoy to avoid detection.  

All orders will be sent via 1st class royal mail, and will be posted directly through your mail box, you will not be required to stay home to sign for any parcels.

We potentially offer a recorded delivery service, although we are not keen on recorded delivery as it does compromise safety but once we establish a trusted relationship  with you we can address that as and when if required. 


We know there are scammers and greedy f*****s that try to play the system but we also know that the vast majority of people are straight, honest people and becasue of this Power Powder will offer a straight 50% reship if your parcel does not show. 
Should this unfortunate event occur your user name will go down on file as a client that was unlucky enough to not recieve they order and had a reship, if you then reorder and your parcel again does not get delivered to you we would need to discuss the matter further before finding a solution.

Take care and please enjoy our Cocaine responsibly, our Cocaine is stronger than others so please know your limits...




We hope our profile page answers most of your questions and fills you with the upmost confidence to place an order with Power Powder.

Please find below some common questions and answers just to reitarate some of our procedures. 

Q) Has my order been dispatched when it is marked in the system as sent?
A) Yes if it is marked as sent on the sysytem -it has been sent and will be in a red box on the   	way to you

Q) When do you pack and dispatch?
A) We ship Monday to Friday (Always using First Class Mail)

Q) Where do you ship too?
A) We ship to the UK and Europe

Q) Where dont you ship too? 
A) We do not ship to the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Dubai and Turkey

Q) Do you offer any kind of reship?
A) We certainly do, shit happens after all...
   please check our refund description for further details

Q) How long does it take for my parcel to arrive once its been shipped?
A) Delivery within the UK usually takes up to 2 days (most likely to be with you the following day 
   depending on the post times!)
   Delivery to Main Land Europe usually takes up to 5 working days.

Q) What if my order is not delivered within the specified delivery times?
A) PLEASE BE PATIENT... The post is out of our control to an extent and we know shit happens 
	Please allow a few days for your parcel to be delivered before raising a query. 
    If after 5 days for UK orders and 8 days for EU orders your order has not arrived please
    message us directly and raise a query and we will make sure we get it sorted for you.

Q) Can you get a free sample?
A) Possibly.... Message us

Q) Do you process orders on the weekend?
A) Orders will be accepted over the weekend but wont be dispatched until Monday morning sharp..    Our communications team will be available on saturday mornings to address any issues

Q) Where can we find Power Powder?
A) We are currently setting up shop on World market and versus

Q) Can you make a custom amount for me?
A) Of course we can - just message us any requests directly

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